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Customers and Clients are always asking me when is the best time to list your house?

My answer is when you are ready. People believe that springtime or summer may be the best time of the year to list; but if it is priced correctly then your house will sell anytime of the year.

Sometimes it is about the number of homes that are comparable to yours…the less the better. If inventory is low then there are less houses to pick from. If the inventory is high then there will be more choices and those will be compared to each other.
It is always an advantage to list when the inventory is down in your price point…it may make it a hot property.

But remember the price needs to be according to the property’s condition and location; and of course your motivation has something to do with the pricing also.

Talk to your professional at Realpro to help you decide what your home is worth. Our comparatives will help you with pricing your house. Realpro has many many years of training and experience; each of our Realtors.

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